About me

Raised in country NSW and now living in South East Queensland, I have been involved in arts and crafts from a very early age. My journey as a maker has led me to engage in various art forms and now I have arrived at my great love of ceramics. 

My happy place is working with my hands to create beautiful, functional ceramics to be used and enjoyed in the home. If, at sundown,  I can walk up through the bush from my studio to my home with splatters of clay and glaze stuck to me it has been an excellent day. 

My work is wheel thrown or handbuilt by me in my home studio north of Brisbane. Pieces are glazed while still raw and fragile and fired once to a temperature of around 1200 degrees celcius in my kiln at home. 

My work is always evolving as I engage with new forms and techniques. I relish the challenge of aquiring new skills and enjoy collaborating with other artists.